Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Treasure Map of Boys

The Treasure Map of Boys.  E. Lockhart. New York:  Delcort Press. 2009. $18.99
ISBN: 978-0-385-90437-7
Ruby Oliver has just made it through one her hardest years at Tate Prep High School, but her junior year isn't looking any more promising.  She really likes Noel, but Nora, one of only two friends she has left, has had a long-standing crush on him--essentially leaving him untouchable.  Her ex-boyfriend, Jackson, is still dating her ex-friend Kim. She is also trying to escape her undeserved reputation as a slut. As if romance problems weren't enough, Roo is also being pestered to run the high school Bake Sale. 

As for the rest of Roo's life--the easiest way to put it is it's just not that easy.  She is conflicted at best.  She wants to be a good friend, but she can't help who she likes.  Her therapist thinks Roo needs to make a treasure map of her friendships, but she ends up creating an illustrated picture of her potential love life.  So Roo knows that she needs to make some tough decisions.  She needs to decide if the boy she really likes is worth losing one of the last friendships she has left.  She could also choose to remain in limbo--an area of hell known to Roo as NoBoyfriendland. Either way, Roo knows she could end up hurting the people closest to her, as well as herself.

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The Boy Book: a study of habits and behaviors, plus techniques for taming them.

--Melissa Brisbin the Librarian