Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Looking Glass Wars

The Looking Glass Wars.  Frank Beddor. New York:  Speak, 2007. $8.99
ISBN: 9780142409411

The tale of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is only a fraction of the truth.  It only tells part of the tale.  Wonderland is a real place, where a violent war is waging.  Alice Liddell, a.k.a. Alyss Heart, is the long lost princess and rightful heir to the Wonderland Kingdom.  She was forced to flee the magical world when her parents were murdered by her cunning and ruthless aunt, Redd.  Now Redd is queen and ready to unleash her rage and vengeful army, led by the lethal Catt, on anyone who challenges her reign. 

However, there is hope.  A secret, fragmented group of Alyssians, those dedicated to reinstating Alyss' reign, are gathering in the undercurrents of Wonderland.  Yet, will Alice's lengthy time on Earth her make her a disbeliever of Wonderland's existence, or will she be able to remain true her heritage and return to Wonderland in order to reclaim her birthright and free her people from being systematically slaughtered by Redd, the Evil Queen of Hearts?

Frank Beddor was also penned:
Hatter M:  The Looking Glass Wars, Vol. 1
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Frank Beddor is a New York Times bestseller and as been reviewed in Booklist.

--Melissa the Librarian