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Masquerade: a Blue Bloods Novel

Masquerade: a Blue Bloods Novel

De la Cruz, Melissa. Masquerade: a Blue Bloods Novel. New York: Hyperion, 2007, 2008.
ISBN: 9781423101277
(Image Credit: Cape May County Library, Cape May Court House, NJ)

Skylar Van Alen is a Blue Blood teenage vampire trying to uncover who is hiding a Silver Blood--the sect of vampires attacking and killing her friends and other Blue Bloods.

Book Talk:
Although, Skylar Van Alen is a teenager who goes to high school with the rich and privileged of New York City's upper class, she doesn't have the bank account that will help her fit in--not that she wants too. Besides being wealthy isn't what all that the students have in common: they are also Blue Blood vampires, a group of families with a long and decorative vampire past. Skylar Van Alen is forced to travel to Venice in search for her grandfather. He is the only person who has enough knowledge about the Silver Bloods, a group of ruthless vampires that have been linked to the recent murders of Blue Bloods. As Skylar tries to uncover the truth she discovers that Blue Blood family lineage and alliances are a masquerade for where individuals' true intentions lie. She only needs to discover the truth before more Blue Bloods die.

Masquerade is a:
ALA Quick Pick and a New York Public Library Book for the Teenage

The Blue Blood Series is recognized as:
ALA Top Ten Quick Pick
Chicago Public Library Best of the Best
Alabama Public Library “Best Fang” nominee
Cybils nominee

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