Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blood and Chocolate

Blood and Chocolate

Annette Curtis Klause. Blood and Chocolate. New York : Delacorte Press, 1997.
(Image Credit: Cape May County Library, Cape May Court House, NJ)

Vivian is a teen who is stunning beautiful. She's also a werewolf. When she falls for a boy named Aiden, she is forced to chose between her love for him and her family.

Book Talk:
Vivian is a teenage werewolf. She has recently moved to a new town with her pack to escape a violent past. With each moon cycle the werewolves change their form. She is part of a very close famiy, who has deep-rooted feelings about how werewolves should always stay together and only associate with humans when they have too. Then, Vivian meets Aiden, a intriguing high-school boy . As their relationship progresses, Vivian has to constantly hide who she really is, while her pack puts pressure on her to stop seeing Aiden and find a werewolf mate instead. As the past comes back to haunt the pack, Vivian is forced to make a decision--give into her nature as a werefolf where kisses taste like blood, or try and make Aiden understand who she is and keep the kisses that taste like chocolate.

ALA Best Books for Young Adults-1998
Black-Eyed Susan Award
Evergreen Young Adult Book Award
Garden State Teen Book Award
SCASL Book Award (South Carolina)
School Library Journal Best Books of the Year
Voluteer State Book Award